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As a Foundation/YNA Benzo


Last year our foundation accomplished helping several individuals with their hardships due to the effects of Benzodiazepine withdrawals. We were also successful in sending thousands of mailers and letters to doctors, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists on the dangers of Benzodiazepines.

Jonathan’s story was featured on CNN’s This Is Life with Lisa Ling (Benzo crisis episode) and the Dr. Oz Show. We as a foundation, were able to get the awareness out through a local radio show and town news feeds, local committee officials, and we also attended public awareness events in the area. The foundation held several awareness benefits, a golf outing and other events that aided us in raising the money needed to help others and get our message out. We want to sincerely thank everyone for their contributions and hard work in supporting us and helping us reach our crucial goals.

2020 Goals

This year we are getting ready to send another informational mailing to 3000-4000 physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and psychiatrists about the dangers of stopping benzodiazepines on their own cold turkey. We are also going to ask for assistance in becoming a tapering facility to help individuals do this safely and successfully.

We are having medical alert bracelets made for people who are tapering off Benzos and also for those who have completely tapered. Two bracelets will be made. The first bracelet will read:

Benzodiazepine Warning/ Do not give Benzodiazepines.

The second will read:

Benzodiazepine Warning/ I am / have tapered off Benzodiazepines. Any suggestions for the wording on the second bracelet is gratefully welcomed.

We will continue to be active in our community and fight to get our local committee officials, hospitals and doctors more involved in the awareness of the dangers, and the solutions to help people who are suffering from benzodiazepine withdrawals. Our tri-folds and “Did you know?” literature is handed out at all of our benefits with information on benzos and information on resources to help loved ones.

We are currently looking for individuals who could help us with research and alternative methods and effects. If you or anyone you know can help, please contact us.

We will continue holding our monthly meeting on awareness with speakers on alternative methods to help with the withdrawals of benzos.

As a foundation, we will continue to evolve and move forward with our benefits to raise money to find solutions, and help the those who’s lives are being devastated by the effects of Benzodiazepines. Any and all help is welcomed.

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Melody Broadwell
13 черв. 2020 р.

Please help me, I was basically cold turkeyed from alprazolam after requesting to be took off due to the way the medical community was treating me. I had been put on it after a botched mesh repair of a rectal prolapse for anxiety and pain. I still have mesh and I am 8.5 months off, I have talk to 5 different counselors or psychiatrist, to no avail, they keep wanting me on more and more medication. I feel like I am on a ferris wheel and can't get off and have told every doctor that would listen this. I have begged for help, I am having trouble breathing, I am scared and I am in severe pain all over. …


Maureen lohiser
11 лют. 2020 р.

We will also be focusing some of our attention this year to raising awareness about Benzodiazepines to our military veterans and Veteran Administrators

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