Survivors, Supporters & Those We've Lost

YNABenzo Photo Project

Come join us and spread awareness on the debilitating effects of benzodiazepines. The 2020 YNABenzo photo project is how we'd like to support the memory of Jonathan Wagner and others to share a place for voices to be heard.

Participation is simple; take a photo and send to with your personal story (try to keep to 250 words). Jonathan, like many others, felt alone, hopeless, and sadly ended his life. We want to honor his memory by showing him and others that you're not alone!

Whether you're a survivor of benzodiazepines, a supporter, or you'd like to remember someone who was lost, we want you to send in your photo and personal story. Take a picture with family, friends, or even your pets! Then your personal story with your photo will be added to the website. After submitting your photo and personal story through, we ask that you have family and friend(s) visit our website and read other survivors, supporters and those we've lost personal stories to raise awareness. 

If you would like to connect with others, you can add what state your from, Facebook or email contact information, any personal information is at your discretion. 

By submitting photo(s) to the YNABenzo photo project, you are giving permission to use your photo and personal story. The YNABenzo photo project will only use the photos as outlined in the photo details. The Foundation reserves the right to remove any inappropriate or irrelevant photos and will not be held responsible for the repercussions of any photos which may be offensive to others.

Only one photo submission per person

 Saint John, Indiana

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